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Valard Bearings is primarily a white metal bearings manufacturer and repairer, however in view of the cumulative loss of skills in the sectors in which we operate, we also provide an on-site consulting and supervisory service. See below for further details.

White Metal Bearing Repair & Manufacture

Valard Bearings Repair and Manufacture all White-Metal Bearing Types, including:

  • Michell type bearings
  • Motor bearings
  • Fan bearings
  • Compressor bearings
  • Pump bearings
  • Mill bearings
  • Crusher bearings
  • Turbine bearings
  • Generator bearings
  • Horizontal Thrust and Journal bearings
  • Vertical Thrust and Journal bearings
  • Flange Mounted Thrust and Journal bearings
  • Pedestal Mounted Thrust and Journal bearings

The manufacture and repair process

The manufacturing and repair process takes place in our specially equipped factory, with the following facilities:

  • A white metal section with two shot-blast facilities
  • A tinning tank, five electric and two gas white metal furnaces
Valard Bearings White Metal Section

There are two processes we use to apply the white metal to the backing material; Centrifugal and Static Casting. We are able to centrifugally cast bearings up to 1.1 metre in outside diameter and 1 metre in length. The white metal used in the process is manufactured to international standards, analysed and certified to grade using our own spectrometer. We carry approximately ten tonnes of white metal in stock to meet market requirements.

Our fully equipped workshop is designed to facilitate all manufacturing and repair processes in-house, all serviced by a six ton overhead crane.

Our staff have extensive experience in the manufacture and repair of white metal bearings; overseeing:

  • A fully documented quality control system
  • A complete range of inspection equipment, including ultrasonic diagnostic equipment
Site Work

On-Site Work & Consultations

We provide on-site services in the form of consulting, skilled oversight of installations and other necessary sight work. These services include:

  • Consulting on all types of white metal bearings for more efficient running conditions.  
  • Bearing changes undertaken on site.
  • On-site services and installations. 
  • Bearing inspections, failure analysis and reporting.
  • Long term storage of bearings fitted to spare machines to reduce condensation damage. 
  • White metal bearing presentations, and in-house training for maintenance staff. 
  • Design and installation of oil circulating systems and high-pressure oil jacking.

Other Miscellaneous Services

Other miscellaneous services we offer include:

  • Re-design of older type bearings for more efficient running conditions and cooling.
  • Drafting of bearing and shaft specifications.  
  • Drafting of monthly and annual maintenance plans.
  • Re-design of sealing arrangements for more efficient sealing.
  • Reverse engineering of all types of white metal bearings.
  • Outsourcing of overseas bearing components.
  • Supply of oil windows and oil level gauges.
  • Supply of more efficient air breathers with moisture absorption and LCD indicators.
  • Manufacture oil pick up rings.

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